1. I’ve become a fan of jean vests.

  2. I’ve really been convicted about not taking specific time out of my day to devote to the Word as of late. So for the past few weeks I’ve tried to go out at least every other day and remove all the distractions (my laptop, phone, tablet, people, etc.) and devote it to reading an entire book of the Bible. I’ve found that I get so much more out of my reading when I commit to reading an entire book in one sitting. Granted I’ve been mainly sticking to the Pauline Epistles, but I think the principal can be applied to any sizeable reading of God’s Word.

  3. Really love this passion project by Designer Daniel Patrick Simmons. http://www.danielpatricksimmons.com

  4. I love small independent companies. Support small businesses every chance you can!

  5. I woke up early this morning and headed down the lake to take some pictures at Word of Life Island’s Wake Camp. I used to love watching wakeboarding competitions during the summer X Games, so getting to see and take pictures of some sick riding in person is pretty darn cool. The photos above are of Anthony Racinelli and Paulie Koch. 

  6. A beautiful sight from my recent trip to South Africa. The children are from a small squatter village near Johannesburg, South Africa. The team of students joined hands with the children to play a game where the object is to put your right leg over the hands of the person next to you and then hop from right to left. It was interesting to say the least.

  7. Day 2 has begun. #nyc #filmmaking #canon

  8. I really enjoy photographing events and performances. They tend to be pretty rewarding and they always present some kind of new challenge.

  9. Had the chance to take some pictures of Ignite performing yesterday afternoon.

  10. I had the opportunity to take some pictures of Selah, a Christian recording artist, last night while they performed at the Word of Life Summer Big Night. This was my favorite picture from the set.